The Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton, the modern hotel in Lille par excellence

The Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton, near the Lille Flandres and Lille Europe train stations, is above all a beautiful modern hotel in Lille. Its contemporary atmosphere, which suits both professionals and tourists, makes it one of the best hotels in the city.


A contemporary hotel, beyond a question of decoration


The Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton plays the modern hotel card in Lille on all fronts. There is the quality of the rooms, both quite refined in the decoration so that everyone feels comfortable, and the quality of the facilities. Each room has wifi, air conditioning, a coffee maker and satellite television. And the higher you go, the better the comfort, space and facilities. This urban-style hotel also offers services adapted to contemporary expectations. There is a parking lot for your car and seminar rooms equipped with the latest equipment for your study days. It is one of the best hotels for business in Lille. Comfort also means access to well-being with the gym and above all access to a top-of-the-range spa, that of the Hermitage Gantois, a few hundred meters from the Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton.


Urban and European style hotel


Europe is at the heart of the Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton. Obviously, just a few meters from the Lille Europe train station, it would have been a shame to do otherwise and not take advantage of this open door to the other great European capitals. There is nothing more modern than to open up to others, for professional or tourist reasons. This modern hotel in Lille is the perfect example of opening up to others. The restaurant's cuisine, the organization of seminars and study days that are easily accessible from all over northern Europe, the train stations in the immediate vicinity, and the city center just a short distance away, are also a way of being modern. Paris is only a short distance away with the TGV, the journey taking less than 90 minutes. In the heart of the Lille metropolis, the Hotel Lille Euralille Affilié Hilton is resolutely a contemporary hotel.

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